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Relationships, by nature, are not easy. In fact, they are about as difficult to maintain as anything in the world. You know why? Because we are all humans, and with that comes a lot of emotions that influence how we think, what we do, how we react.

Those things determine how we function in a relationship.

And that leads us to what this book is about: determining if you have the right mate in your life and how to maintain or restart the excitement that brought you together in the first place.

For the last several years, I have spoken to thousands and thousands of listeners who called in to my nationally syndicated radio show, “The Sweat Hotel.”

Reaching 1.4 million people a night through the airways means we span the country, and discover that relationship issues have no boundaries.

It does not matter where you live, how old you are, what your profession, your Zodiac sign, your sex, your religion, how much hair you have, what your complexion is, what your education background, the color of your eyes, if you have dandruff or not…We all have them. Seriously.

We have discussed every imaginable scenario and situation; and some neither you nor I could possibly have expected. We have found solutions more times than not, grown as people, comforted each other and generally learned a lot about ourselves—and how to be better mates in relationships.

It is not an exact science. In fact, it is not a science at all. This relationship thing very much is an emotionally charged, reaction-based dilemma that cannot be solved, only managed.

This book is called Make It Last Forever, like the hit song I recorded that became a national anthem for relationships around the world. The idea is to provide insight, tips, messages, ideas, hints, remedies…anything that will help you find the right mate for you and/or sustain your relationship. And that’s what we do here. But here’s the rub: This is no gimmick. This is not superficial advice. This is keeping it real at its realest.

And the reality is that some scenarios you will relate to and learn from, or at least see things from a different perspective. In other cases, you might be shocked someone has ever gone through particular scenarios or needed an outside source to consult. That’s the enormity of it all: Everyone’s experiences are different. But we all share a common bond: Our experiences shape our thinking, reactions and even our emotions—optimism, pessimism, hope, hopelessness—about love and relationships.

I can hear some of you whispering now: Why has he written this book? What makes him qualified? Legitimate questions. The answer is multi-fold: For one, I have experienced just about all aspects of relationships. I have had girlfriends, been married, been divorced, cheated on women, been cheated on by women, been in love when it really wasn’t love, and been in love when it was true love. That spectrum of experience affords me an insight that has instilled a level-headed perspective.

Also, for the last several years, as I mentioned, I have spoken to thousands of people about relationships for three hours a night—probably more than anyone in the country. My radio show has been a virtual and figurative couch for countless listeners who have discussed their concerns with me. That incredibly deep well is the inspiration for the book—I know for a fact there are millions of people seeking direction in their relationships and lives.

Lastly, I have made my career on relationships. My music has touched people, inspired people and, I’m told, has even accounted for some babies. So, it is an area that is important to me. Relationships are really the foundation of our existence. They are what make us go—or not go. When we are in good, healthy relationships, we go about our daily lives in such a euphoric state that it can make haters hate because they do not have what we have.

At the same time, when our relationships are floundering, we feel less than what we should. Our mood is noticeably different, sour even, and we seem to expect less out of life.

That’s why it is important that we establish strong, healthy relationships and/or build on relationships we already have.

Make It Last Forever is designed to help you do that very thing. We will examine many different obstacles that must be overcome, dispositions that have to be taken, adjustments that have to be made that will enhance your relationships—and we will keep it real and have fun throughout the entire journey.

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32 Responses to Make It Last Forever – The Book

  1. Gina

    Hi Keith! Kool website and sooo looking forward to reading your book. I think its “Genius” to come out with a book named after one of your songs :) WTG & God Bless you always. I’m your #1 Fan and I think you may have a best seller, HERE xoxo

  2. samuel montshioagae

    Can’t wait to grab de make it last book.

  3. Cynthia Mccloud

    So looking forward to your book. Let’s make it last forever.

  4. Melna

    Hi This is melna love your new site and love you too for the person you are. And have a nice night. get with you later.

  5. susan

    Superexcited for the release of this long anticipated book!

  6. 24kDoll

    Your music I love and I’m sure I’ll love your book too.. By the way thanks again for following me in Twitter.. Looking forward to seeing you in concert in Feb..!!

  7. I can’t wait for the book to come out. I have already pre-ordered mine on I wish you the best of luck with the book and hopefully you will come somewhere near Springfield, Mo. so that I can get it signed by the one and only Keith Sweat. You have yourself a wonderful evening handsome and I will see you soon.

  8. Keith

    Thank you all for your anticipation of the book and thank you Doncheial for your pre-order.

  9. Rosemarie Smith

    This the MAKE IT LAST FOREVER GRIL . I love all your song. I love all Zanes books I can Wait to get it .

  10. Shantel Arnett

    Can’t wait to get my copy if it like your music then I am already sold. You have got me through a lot of days and nights. So I am in love with your work keep it up Keith baby.

  11. Maria Benedetto

    Hi mymakeitlastforeverman
    I have already pre-ordered mine on,and i can not wait to read your book .I know for sure that i will be very satisfy ,And i can not wait to see you again in Denver.Ti Amo so you know who i am lol hear you @ the sweat hotel xxxx

  12. Zeda

    Can’t wait for the book. Your last CD, “Til The Mornin” is outstanding. Please keep the music coming. Sawv you at a casino in AZ this year and you were great. Come back soon please. The new site is great. I have tried to call the station to put my request in but the phone just rings. How about playing Tropical, Til The Mornin, To The Middle or anything off of these cd’s

  13. Sharon Reese

    Love this Man!!!!just preordered my copy of Make It Last Forever – The Book can’t wait!!!!let make this a HIT GO GET YOUR PREORDER !!!

  14. Alexander

    Keith, gostaria de saber quando será lançado esse livro aqui no Brasil?

  15. Keith , is one of my favorite R&B singers and I have always enjoyed his music and I always will.

  16. aretha

    i am super excited 4 the arrival of ur book…i am ur #1 fan truly ask about me:) i am 40 & have been in love w/ u since jr highi have every cd & my biggest fantasy is 2 meet u that would make my life!!!

  17. filmon

    I love keith sweat i start hear to him since 1996 i die for his song.

  18. MARY


  19. tonya scott

    i cant wait to read this KEITH u r the best.

  20. fabiano rodrigues

    Fabiano Rodrigues Keith, I wonder if this book will be released here in Brazil?

  21. Francesca

    It is going to be too cool first music, then a radio show, and now a book! :-)

  22. dalton

    mr keith really you where my inspiration though out this year listening to your music,from the first album till now surely this book is going to motivate us more,dont know where to get this book here in SOUTH AFRICA, WE LOVE YOU MEN

  23. Angela Miller

    Keith, I am your biggest fan. I can’t wait to read the book. I listen to the Sweat Hotel everynight. I love all your music, and I have every tape & CD that you have made. I know a few of my children were made by your music. You are the best.

  24. Nicole

    Keith. Gosh! I dont know where to start. I have been in love with you since i was 10 years old and im now 31 years old. Im your #0 no higher fan! You are the most handsome, talented, phenominal man ever! It would be my fantasy to meet you. Im deeply in love with you and i just wanted to ask you if you’ll marry me? Please consider doing a show in the houston area soon. I gotta see you love. Have a blessed day and i promise i’ll give all my love to you! XOXOXOXO

  25. Keith

    Thank you Nicole. I’ll definitely try to make it to Houston.

    • YES KEITH SWEAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD INTO READING YOUR BOOK THAT’S MAKE YOUR BOOK NAMED AFTER YOU’RE SONG MAKE IT LAST FOREVER BECAUSE THAT’S MY SONG I LOVE ALL YOU’RE SOngs& all you’re videos i even listen to you on the sweat hotel you does a wonderful job promise me you will keep the slow jams going for me i still wish i could meet you in person i live in syracuse i’m you’re no.1 fan take care and may god bless you

  26. Cássia Maria de Paiva

    Desculpe escreve em português, estou tão nervosa que não deu tempo de traduzir. Keith, acabei de saber que você virá ao Brasil e fará um show ao lado da minha casa. Não estou nem acreditando. Você é o meu Maior Ídolo!!! Amo você!!! Se hoje eu sou fã do estilo R&B é graças a você. “MAKE IT LAST FOREVER” é simplesmente a música da minha vida!! Te Amo e Te espero ansiosa!!!!

  27. Cássia Maria de Paiva

    I love you and I hope very excited here in Brazil, you and your book. Kissessss

  28. estou aguardando seu show aqui no brasil no dia 16 de março no rio de janeiro




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